WitKit provides no sign-in or identity mechanism. All usage date and settings are stored locally on your device and are never sent to WitKit-owned servers. If you have iCloud enabled on your devices, your data will securely be stored there. See Apple’s privacy policy.

WitKit reserves the right to add anonymized usage telemetry to the app, but does not currently collect such data. This does not include the actual text content of your requests.

When requests are made to the WitKit’s AI-powered features, including Chat, the request is sent to WitKit-owned servers to be passed on to various service providers.

These service providers have their own privacy policies. While your identity is not known and cannot be provided to these services, they may store or use your data according to their own privacy policies.

The number of requests made per-user (as identified by the subscription information) is tracked to enable basic rate-limiting to prevent abuse. The actual data of these requests is not stored or tracked.

WitKit makes use of RevenueCat, which provides basic telemetry relating to subscriptions. Please see the RevenueCat privacy policy for details.

If you have opted-in to share information with developers on Apple’s platforms, Apple provides limited anonymized analytics information.

This privacy policy may be altered and amended within reason from time to time to reflect the evolving nature of the software. By using WitKit, you agree to this privacy policy.